Hardcore Garage Workout

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I had my stepson Jonah, shoot some video of me working out. Then I decided to mess around with some software and this is what I came up with. I’m sitting by the phone waiting for the Academy to call me..or not. So the last line of “if you want it , it will make you grow!” is an old inside joke. My buddy Mike is originally from Brockton MA, when we were teenagers he told me about this steroid freak at his gym. The freak was repping 315lbs seated shoulder presses, and screaming on every rep. So naturally he was getting some stares, anyhow when he racked the weight he stood up and looked across the gym at my buddy and yelled “if you want it, it will make you grow!” So we used to say that sometimes as a goof, when working out. Hopefully somebody gets a laugh. The rectangle thing I’m pressing is a 108lb sewer grate I picked up from a junk pile, its a great addition to the Hardcore Garage, nice and awkward.



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  1. Scott Rohrer says:

    Wow, that seems like a pretty intense whole body workout!

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