Homemade Sandbag

Hey check these out, click on the pics, and make your own sandbag.



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2 Responses to Homemade Sandbag

  1. Earl says:

    Hey Craig,
    I’m a friend of Joe’s I’ve met you before. I’m going to try to make your sandbag thanks for your instruction. I think I will go with 135 lbs. It seems to be the standard weight for the crossfit program. Have you ever looked at there website? http://www.crossfit.com .

  2. Sly says:

    Hey Earl, thanks for checking out the site. I’ve looked at Crossfit before, their great. I might start with a 100 lbs. I have a 150, its a load. A 100 pounder will still kick your ass. Try doing get-ups with it.
    1. Lay on your back
    2. Position it over your shoulder/chest.
    3. Stand up, so you are shouldering the bag.
    4. Lay back down with the bag on your shoulder.
    5. Switch sides, this is a workout in its self.
    6. Do it again.

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