Get Hardcore any where you go

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My wife and I went away for the weekend in Northern Michigan, Friday was our 4 year anniversary. I brought one of my 53 pound kettlebells with me. I took it down to the beach and had a great workout. Even if I didn’t have the kettlebell, I still would’ve had a great workout. It was great to be able to do sprints on the grass and sand, various types of push ups, and stones. I really liked training with a stone, it was actually my first time. My favorite thing to do is what I call the clean and throw. I would clean the stone, and instead of pressing it overhead, just throw it from the rack position, like your bench pressing. Do 8-10 of those, and if your not whipped, get yourself a bigger stone. Just remember when it comes to getting a great workout,  your only limited by your imagination,

Get Hardcore,


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  1. Greg Klingensmith says:

    Hey Craig, looks good, keep up the good work, It’s nice to see someone else trying to get people motivated to get off the couch. I’m considering getting some kettlebells.

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