Kettlebell / BodyWeight Combo

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You can call this a combo or superset or whatever. I’m really starting to like these quick intense full body workouts, as you can see in the last post, “No Time, No Problem – Sled Workout”.  In this video I combine a double kettlebell squat to overhead press, and superset it with body weight rows on the ropes, oh by the way, keep body and head in alignment, don’t tuck the chin like I’m doing, I prefer to actually lift the chin up slightly, I find it helps to keep my back straight. I personally think this is a great full body combo. The squat press hits the lower body, core, and upper body pressing movements. The body weight rows hit the core again and the upper body pulling movements.  Remember you don’t need kettlebells or ropes, you could use dumbbells, a sandbag, stone , log or barbell. You could do pull-ups, chins, use a tree branch or whatever. Try it out. Do 5 sets, with 1 min rest between combo sets, do 5-7 reps on the squat presses, max out on the body-weight rows. If the intensity is at a high enough level, you’ll go from zero to ass kicked in 10 min.

Get Hardcore,


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2 Responses to Kettlebell / BodyWeight Combo

  1. Greg Klingensmith says:

    I wish we lived closer. I’d try that workout with you. I’ll probably just try it with dumbells at home in my hardcore basement.

  2. Sly says:

    only 15-20 min…not far at all

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