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Been too long since I posted, I’ve been working out, just let other things get in the way of posting. Lame excuse, but if I can excuse my way out of posting, which only takes less than 2 hours a week (kinda slow at this, but getting faster) I see how you can not workout for days, weeks, months at a time. I’ve been there many times, too many times. The fact of the matter is, the more out of shape you get , the easier it is to get out of shape. When your lean, and strong, you don’t want to miss workouts and shovel garbage into your body on a daily basis, but when your 10, 20, 500, 100, pounds or more overweight, it becomes really easy. The further you get away, the harder it is to get back. When your belly is flopping over your waist, its easy to have a pop or two, (that’s soda for those outside of Michigan, a little regional fact, we don’t say soda, it sounds like something a pussy would say…oops, did I say that) anyhow it’s easy to drink pop, stop at the drive-thru, “HEY, I’m busy, I’m a Big Deal, I don’t have time, to eat healthy”, or “I’m not a big deal, I don’t have the money to eat healthy” either way it’s lame. You know whats even lamer than that, the person that decides to start a “diet” on a holiday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, whatever, but almost every “regular” day they are stuffing their piehole with crap, and not even thing about working out. “Diet” the other 300 and some days of the year. The point I’m trying too make is, success of your body, working out or anything you want to achieve is based on a really simple principal. I like to call it “The Path of Success, and the Path of NOT Success”. Everything you do in life, takes you down one of those paths, some more than others. It is really that simple, just say to yourself “is this taking me down The Path of Success or The Path of NOT Success” and please don’t lie to yourself….easier said than done. I will stop ranting and leave you with this task.

Within 7 days of reading this, in one day, jog a mile and do 50 push-ups, I don’t care if you jog 10 yards at a time, or do 1 standing wall or on-the-knees push-up at a time, or break the world speed record for both. Let me know when you do this, I also need motivation.

Get Hardcore!


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