Keg Get-Ups

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Well it’s been a while, I thought keg get-ups would be fitting since I have been growing one keg of a midsection. I picked up the keg and a working tap at a garage sale for $10. Garage sales are a great way to build your own Hardcore Garage, I also picked up a 90 lb Everlast heavy bag for $15. I have been pretty lazy since the last post, no excuse for it.

Anyhow, I filled the keg about 80-85% with water, not sure what it weighs, it’s not that heavy. Leave some space so the water sloshes around, that makes it more difficult. Get-ups are great, they will get your heart pumping. Give it a try.

Get Hardcore!


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2 Responses to Keg Get-Ups

  1. Gerggy says:

    Glad your back at it, Craig. I barely have time anymore, but I still throw in like a 15 min workout every other day. Plus I run almost every day. Let’s get together soon, alright?

  2. Sly says:

    Thanks Greg, I assume I will see you at Mike’s Bday.

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