Mountain Biking

Been threatening to do this for the past 2 years…finally brought my bike to work, there are some great places to ride close to my work, but none that close to my home. Much easier to just go for a ride after work, and its a great way to start the day. Did about 13 miles with a buddy, about 4 of it was actual mountain bike trails, with some pretty challenging single track, at least for me it was. It was the third time I was on my bike this year, first time was May 22nd for an 8 hour adventure race, I don’t recommend doing 32 miles of biking, your first time out, especially if that’s more than you did all of last year. My legs were a wreck for days. I created this site, to try and motivate people like me, the 30-40 something year old male, whose lifestyle and body ended up, less active, and fatter and weaker than they ever imagined when they where in their “glory days”. I am grateful for anyone, no matter what demographic your from, that spends any of their time checking this site out, hopefully you can get something out of it. I realize though, I can’t help anyone out if I’m not helping myself out first. I heard a quote at a Tony Robbins seminar, about 15 years ago “if you want to change the world, you first must change yourself”. I have not made the great physical transformation that I set out to do when I started all this. It’s kinda hard to tell someone to do “this” and you will look and feel great, when my gut is still sticking out. I am in better shape than when, the idea for this site started (see the “about me page”) but that’s is not saying much. I think I took 5 steps forward over last spring and summer and 4 1/2 steps backward over the fall and winter….I ramble. Just do something active today, and if you absolutely can’t (which is B.S. we both know that) write down, what you are going to do tomorrow and the time you are going to do it….oh yeah, MAKE SURE YOU DO IT! I will be mountain biking again after work tomorrow at 9 am.


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