Kettlebell Long Cycle Training

YouTube Preview ImageI entered the IKFF 2010 National Kettlebell Championships The competition will be on September 25, in Novi, MI which happens to be about 20 min away. I felt I could not pass this up, being able to compete against and meet people from all over the country, will be a great experience. I entered it on April 25th, the progress is going slower than I thought it would. Tried to do the too much, too soon and tweaked my neck which put me back almost 2 weeks. The last couple of weeks have been good, feels like I’m getting into a grove. I will be competing in the long cycle, in the 95+ kg and with 24 kg (53lb) kettlebells. I bought a set of 28 kg (61 lbs) and a set of 32 kg (70 lbs) of First Place Elite Kettlebells from Perform My philosophy on training, I either heard or read from famed strength coach Joe DeFranco on how he trains people for the NFL combine bench press test, it went something like this “who do you think can do more reps with 225 lbs, someone who can bench 275 or someone who can bench 365″, you need to be strong, so that is why I am going to try to do most of my training with the 28 kg and 32 kg kettlebells. In the above video the blue bells are the 28 kg and the orange are the 32 kg, I was doing these sets for time, I lasted about 2 min 20 sec withe the 28kg, 2 days earlier I was at 2:05…15 sec more I’ll take it, long way from the 10 min of the competition. I will be hiring a profession kettlebell instructor for a couple of sessions to help improve my technique. I have a long way to go, but I am enjoying the journey.

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