Kettlebell Long Cycle and Tire Flip

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So here’s part of my workout from yesterday. I made it to a whopping 2 min 35 sec with the 28 kg kettlebells in the long cycle, 15 sec more than last time, I’ll take it. So the tire is the latest addition to the Hardcore Garage, it was fate. I needed some landscape supplies, so I went to Home Depot and they did not have what I needed, so I went to another landscape place and they didn’t have it, so I went to a place that I knew would have it, but was 10-15 min further than the previous 2 places. I pulled into the lot and the tire was standing there in all it’s glory with a sign that said FREE. I called my friend in the area who has a pick-up and he was home, they loaded it with a forklift, and here it is. From what I found online it’s between 550-600 lbs, I call it a heavy 550. First day I barely got 1 rep, now I did 2 in a row. You really feel like you did something after moving it.

Get Hardcore!

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