Kettlebell Snatches, 550 lb Tire Flips, and Sandbag Get-Ups

YouTube Preview ImageI know, I said I hadn’t done snatches in a while, technically I do them with the VO2 Max workouts, but I don’t count those as a “snatch” workout due to the light weight. It was the first time I did dumbbell dead snatches in over 2 months, never used over 70 lbs before, had to bail when I tried the 90 lb, but today, as soon as I gripped it, I knew I could do it. The long cycle training is a hell of a strength builder. If you haven’t clean and jerked double kettlebells, you need to. The 5 tire flips was also a PR. The sandbag I used for the get-ups is 100 lbs, check out my previous post Homemade Sandbag to make make one for yourself. I was completely spent after that.

Thanks for watching and reading.

Get Hardcore!

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